I snapped this one in Munich, Germany last May while studying abroad with a group of journalism students. Our guide from a bike tour told us where we could find the best view of the city. We had to climb 306 very steep steps in an extremely old church but the view was well worth it. The building in the foreground is the Rathaus-Glockenspiel that is in the center of Marienplatz. Besides the amazing architecture in this shot, I love that you can see all the red roofs of Germany disappearing into the horizon. I think the blue sky complements the other colors in the photo as well. For me, this shot is more than just a memento from an amazing experience. I think it is also one one of the better architectural photos that I have taken.  In fact, just looking at this picture inspires me and makes me want to travel to even more places to try to capture what I see there.